A Communion with the Saints

Portraits of Saints

So often the saints are created in such an impersonal and disconnected way, a blank look on the face or a blank background. 

My goal in creating and oil painting this growing collection of saints is to step back into time with each of them in a very personal and beautiful way, in the way I see them. I wanted to capture their essence with an intimate encounter in a moment in time that captures their uniqueness and sanctity. The saints are capable of inspiring us to strive for greater holiness through each of their unique lives and stories. 

I am convinced that their union with God in their lives in this world made it a seamless transition to Heaven at the moment of their death. I wanted to capture what united each of them with our Lord in their own unique ways; through peace, joy, love, suffering, courageousness or reverence in a relatable and artistic way. My hope is that you feel this encounter with God through them. 

I will be adding many more saints as I work on my series of portraits of the saints in 2024!  

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