The stars are all pointing in the same direction, all pointing up towards heaven, because everything we do should point to heaven. It gets darker towards the top, to show the infiniteness of our Lord. Praying the rosary for many, and those that pray it often, the prayer can become a string of words in a prayer recited so repetitiously. This way is so that others may take time to ponder more the words in their hearts like Mary, and have them speak to their souls in the way that the word of God does to each of us in such an individual and personal way, to slow down and feel the rosary as it is recited. “The Lord is with thee” is above where the monstrance will be, as a visual reminder, and for those that are still pondering the reality that the Lord is with them, the Lord wants us all  to know, He is with us. The bottom walls are still a work in progress. 

passionate. Catholic. artist